How to Set Aggressive Goals for Weight Loss


The more you let yourself slide on a diet, the less weight you’ll lose. The following are some of the aggressive goals that have led many people to achieve their desired weight.

Strict Daily Calorie Intake

If you need 1,200 calories a day to lose up to two pounds a week, and that is what you want to do, you must stick to that calorie allowance each day. It’s not okay to go over by a hundred calories because for every few calories over that limit, it will build up to less weight loss.

Set Meal Plan

Many people have an easier time staying on track with a diet if they have a meal plan in place.  This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. By planning your meals, you will be able to stay on track with calorie intake, and stop yourself from picking up some quick junk food to satisfy hunger.

Daily Weight or Inch Loss Check

Some people on a diet will only check their weight every week. Checking your weight or inch loss keeps you on track with your diet. It reminds you of your goals, and gives you motivation at times to keep going. For these reasons, many people suggest checking weight or inch loss every day, first thing in the morning, and wearing nothing at all.

Exercise 3X a Week at Least

Exercise burns the calories you can’t help but eat. This is why it is important to burn off at least one meal a week with exercise. Start slowly with exercise, or you’ll burn yourself out physically and mentally.  If you can’t run for 30 minutes when you first start exercising, don’t push yourself or worry about it. Simply start with five or ten minutes, and then increase the time each day or week depending on your ability.

Keep Positive and Don’t Give Up

You won’t lose the weight in an instant. Remember, you didn’t gain the weight overnight, so you won’t lose it overnight. Do what you have to do every day that will lead you to losing weight, and soon, you’ll start to see the numbers on the scale going on.


Building an achievable fitness plan

The most important first step to becoming fit is making a workable fitness plan, otherwise it’s too easy to lose focus. Try asking yourself these five questions below and make sure you answer them completely honestly:

Building an achievable fitness plan

1. What are my bad health habits?

Your answers might be poor eating, having too many snacks or sitting down for too many hours…

2. Where do you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10?

One being completely out of shape – breathing heavily while doing daily tasks – and 10 being perfect fitness.

3. How much time do you currently dedicate to exercise or activity each week?

And is it enough?  Would you like to be more fit and do you want to have more energy?

4. What three fitness activities do you most enjoy? 

Be honest – do you like walking, exercise classes or simply playing outdoors with your kids?  Don’t hold back from putting something more adventurous down as a bonus answer  – you can work up to high-powered activities as you build your fitness.

5.  What roadblocks have caused you to lose focus in the past?

Maybe you’ve stopped exercising because you’ve become busy at work, or your routine was interrupted and you didn’t get back into fitness.  Put down anything that derailed your plans.

Now let’s use your answers to make a fitness plan

You can decide to fix just one thing at a time so that you don’t overwhelm yourself.  Let’s go through your answers and build a fitness plan you can stick to all year.  You don’t need to aim too high – right now, we just want to improve on where you are now.

Overcoming bad habits

If you eat unhealthily then you should focus on making your next meal more healthy because you can’t change what you’ve eaten in the past but you can make sure your next meal meets all your nutritional needs.  Approach fitness in the same way: focus on your current or next workout and do the best you can. Decide right now when you are going to do an activity… or even go and grab your running shoes and prepare for an activity session as soon as you finish reading this!

Your fitness rating

It’s good to know where you are – but you also need to think about where you want to be.  I’d like you to aim for two points higher than your current number.  So,  if you rate a five then your fitness plan should slowly take you up to a seven. And, if you’re already at level 10 then I know you’re ready for any challenge but maybe you could diversify?  Think about whether there are any areas you could further develop or learn to love more?

Your exercise routine

If you want to give more time in your life to exercise then try to increase your exercise habits by 10 minutes per week until you reach at least 30 minutes of activity a day.  Exercise doesn’t have to be daunting: if you currently sit down in an office for long periods then promise yourself that you’ll go and visit a colleague instead of emailing at least twice each day.  Or, plan a walk straight after work – even if you only go around the block then at least you’re out and about.  As you build your fitness plan, you’ll soon see that adding 10 minutes of activity here and there can make your day more fun and that has to be better than thinking of exercise as a chore.

Choosing an activity

You can start out by only doing the activities on your list – the ones you listed in answer to question four. The start of your fitness plan is not a good time to try new types of exercise, so focus on your favorites – they’ll help you feel confident and comfortable for the first few weeks.  Activities like walking, jogging and body-weight exercises are a great way to start out. I love the phrase: “don’t run before you can walk” because a slow and steady approach builds results that will last.

Avoiding roadblocks

If you find yourself always stumbling because of one particular obstacle then avoid it!  It sounds simple I know, but if you always plan early morning workouts but you can’t get out of bed then consider lunchtime or evening sessions.  You know yourself and your fitness plan needs to be tailored to who you are so, don’t pledge to do something that you won’t enjoy because then you’re less likely to succeed.

Finalizing your fitness plan

Now you should have everything you need to create a fitness plan that meets your needs.  You know what you want to achieve, how you what to achieve it and why.  You even know what might knock you off course.  With your fitness plan, be kind to yourself and choose an easier route that you know you will be happy navigating over the long term.

Once you have gathered all your thoughts, why not write them out clearly? For me, transferring my thoughts to paper helps to make them concrete – and if I have my goals written down, I know I can’t ignore them. Place your fitness plan somewhere prominent to remind you of your starting point and your aims.  I recommend sticking it on the fridge because keeping it visible will help to keep you motivated.  I also always keep an exercise journal because it’s a great way to track my progress and, when it works, you want to be able to remember how you did it.

Are You Facing A Weight loss plateau?

Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Has your fitness plan stalled and you don’t feel you’ll reach your goals?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I can help you power back up and start seeing results again.

Weight loss plateau


If you ever feel that you are doing everything just right with your fitness and nutrition plan but your results don’t seem to represent all of your hard work then I have a simple but effective piece of advice. Hitting a fitness or weight loss plateau is a very common problem in the world of sports performance and general weight loss. There are many theories on why our bodies sometimes hit a temporary yet frustrating roadblock but, by thinking outside the box, you can power through the frustration and start seeing results again. Keep on reading and you may be surprised at just how easy it can be to jump-start your flat-lined results.

All you need to do is take a few days rest in order to kick start your results.  Honestly – I’m not crazy or cracking one of my usual jokes – you need to do something really different to put body back on track and move past your fitness or weight loss plateau. I believe that if you’re ready to break free from a weight loss plateau or prevent yourself from hitting a future roadblock then a good rest may just be the magic ingredient you need.

Being consistent with your activity level and nutrition plan is an important strategy when it comes to sports performance, weight loss and fitness but have you ever heard the old saying that “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing”?  In my opinion this saying is especially true when it comes to overexerting your body. Pushing your body to the point of exhaustion can spell disaster for your fitness level and weight loss goals. A plateau can happen at any point if you don’t schedule some quality down time into your program.

Three great reasons to rest your body

Here are my good reasons why a rest is sometimes more beneficial than a training session.

  • Avoid fatigue

Your body needs to re-generate, restore and repair itself often. The most effective way for your body to naturally heal itself is for you to rest. Overworked muscles and over-stressed joints just don’t perform as well and luckily our body lets us know when our muscles are overworked.  Your pain receptors will make movements uncomfortable and your joints can become tender when you push your body too hard. The nervous system also needs time to rest in order to adapt and improve from training.

Always listen to your body and rest if you are sore.

  • Natural Cycle

Athletes train in cycles for a reason, the timing of training may vary from athlete to athlete but one common factor in every athlete’s training program are pre-planned rest days. One of the main reasons athletes rest is to avoid fatigue, but resting the body also helps athletes avoid common overuse or stress injuries. Many athletes notice an improved general performance after taking time off from training.

A well-rested body will get better results than a tired one.

  • Spark Excitement

If you are putting your body through the motions day after day, you can become complacent and your exercise intensity is likely to drop without you even realizing.

Have you ever seen a dog that hasn’t been walked for a few days? As soon as the dog goes out, it’s like a whole new world and they are just so excited. Well, it can be the same for humans when we’re working out.Taking a day or two off from your current workout routine can make you come back to the gym with a renewed commitment and excited approach.


There could be many factors that impact your results but if over-training is one of them it is easy to fix with a simple day or two of rest. My goal is to help you discover ways to improve your current fitness level and emphasize that you should to listen to your body. We are all individuals and our bodies adapt at our own personal rate: giving your body adequate rest so it can be strong for your next workout is a smart approach to achieving sustainable results.

You only have one body so use it wisely.

Although I am encouraging you to add a few rest days into your intense training weeks, this is not an excuse for you to sit on the couch and do nothing all the time! A simple change of routine or incorporating activities that are at a lower intensity such as a gentle walk or swim are acceptable rest day activities.  Occasionally my family enjoys a ‘duvet day’ where we sit back, relax and read or watch movies.  We’re usually active and we like getting out and about but now and then it’s good for everyone to recharge.

I know that taking a rest definitely improves my performance and helps me reach the next fitness level.  So, aim for one or two rest days a week but keep your completely inactive couch days to a few times a year!

How To Get To The Core Of Weight Loss Motivation

We all know diets work. Every book, article, regimen, fitness plan, you name it works as long as you actually do it. Getting the motivation to follow through is arguably the most important part of losing weight. The information will always be there, but the motivation….that’s the elusive piece of the puzzle, the thing that everyone wants and few of us have. How do you get the motivation to get started, stay on track, and most importantly, to get where you want to go?
motivation machine

As a Personal Development Coach specialising in weight loss I get emails from people everyday sharing their frustrations and challenges with weight loss.  About 60% of them say they lack the motivation to stick with their weight loss program. They report that they do well for awhile and lose some weight, but inevitably fall off track- whether due to a loss of focus or some other kind of self-sabotage

Action Toward a Desired Goal:

Taking action here implies that there is a desired goal in place, so the first thing that you must be absolutely clear on is ‘what is your goal?’

The challenge here is that it’s usually not sufficient to just come up with a number. 20 pounds or 30 pounds isn’t going to cut it. You’ve known that for perhaps years, and telling yourself “I need to lose 20 pounds” over and over again hasn’t gotten the job done. Just having a number in mind is not provocative enough of a goal.

So consider: the better question to ask is, “Why do you really want to lose weight”?At first glance, this may sound like an obvious question, but if you’re struggling with your weight, you need to ask yourself this question again and again until you have a very clear answer.

Why are you looking to lose weight?

cake is good
To feel more confident to start dating again?
To get into your favorite pair of jeans?
To feel sexy for your husband or wife?
To look good at your upcoming high school reunion?
Because the doctor told you you’re pre-diabetic but that there is still a chance to turn it around?
Because you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

You have to become crystal clear on your “Why”. This is the first step in establishing a goal. 

Now let’s look at the first half of that equation, the part about ‘taking action’. When you get clear and write it down, how motivated to take action are you? Do you feel your emotions stirring? Are you feeling the pull to get off the couch? Are you feeling the readiness to break your bad habits and make changes to your diet?

If you’re not, then you probably need to do some more work on your “Why”, because your “Why” is the foundation of your motivation.

Here is a hint: some people are more naturally motivated towards pleasure (the thought of looking great in a summer dress, meeting a guy/girl, running a 10K), while others are more motivated away from pain (being single forever, having to start taking insulin, having to see their high school friends while being heavy).

The trick is to find out which one- “Towards Pleasure” or “Away From Pain”- is more compelling to you in terms of your weight loss, and to focus on that. Write down all the reasons that cause you to begin to stir and want to take action. This is just for you, so be bold and write everything down, even if it’s very personal. This is a very important step that cannot be overlooked.

That Which Gives Purpose

Building on your “Why”, what is your deeper purpose behind losing weight? How will your life be better if you lose the weight? 

Create a compelling picture for yourself that is rich in detail of how your life will be better.

What will you be doing?
Who will you be doing it with?
Where will you be?
Will the motivation to exercise come naturally?
How will you feel when you’re there?
What clothes will you be wearing- or not wearing ; ) ?

In case you didn’t notice, all of the above examples were written in “Towards Pleasure”language. But maybe you’ll find that doesn’t work so well for you- maybe it doesn’t quite give you a sense of purpose.

i may not be there yet

If not, how about if you change the wording around a bit? Remember, some people are more motivated “Away From Pain”. If this is you, you’ll be more stirred by this question: “So if you don’t lose the weight, or if it continues to get worse and worse, how unhappy and miserable will you be?”

Similarly, you may want to create a compelling negative picture for yourself.

If you don’t lose the weight, what are you going to miss out on?

What opportunities will you lose out on? Maybe the ability to enjoy healthy time with your family late into your life? Or maybe it’ll mean you continue to go out to go to restaurants and take vacations by yourself.

How will your health deteriorate if you don’t lose weight?

What does the hospital room look like where you’ll have to go for dialysis treatments?

So create a compelling picture for how your life is going to be better if you lose the weight, or worse if you don’t. Cultivate this picture until it gives you a clear sense of purpose. When that purpose is there, you will be much close to taking the necessary action.

Remember, that while uncovering your “Why” and the deeper purpose that motivates you is a first step that cannot be skipped over, we all get busy and stressed, and it’s very easy to lose our focus. At least until you build some positive, forward momentum and get comfortable with your new habits and behaviors, you may have to remind yourself of your “Why” and your deeper purpose again and again every day.

Write down your answers on an index card and put in by your bed stand or tape it to the bathroom mirror. Every morning and every night remind yourself why you really want to lose weight. Remind yourself why you need to begin taking action today, what the payoff will be if you do, and what the cost will be if you don’t.

plan A
This is not the only step on the journey, of course, but it is an important one that you have to master early on. Getting the right support in place is also extremely important, as is learning how to handle the stress and challenges of daily life in a healthy, constructive way that doesn’t cause you to abandon your weight loss efforts or turn to food for emotional comfort.

Some Simple Eating Adjustments That Will Boost Your Motivation

If you would like to know more please contact your Afresh Me weight loss coach today.

Weight Loss Isn’t Always Logical …..

Weight loss isn’t rocket science- it’s a process that can be intentionally set in motion by creating a negative energy balance.  That’s simply where your body burns more calories than it takes in from your food sources.  As long as you don’t drop your calories quickly and for extended periods of time, the caloric deficit will prompt your body to use stored reserves of fat (and in some cases muscle) as an energy source to make up for the missing calories needed to keep you going.  Over time, it leads to a reduction in overall body mass. Pretty simple if you look at it that way.

Even easier to understand are the benefits.  If you are overweight and lose weight, you decrease the likelihood of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and osteoarthritis.

Weight loss also increases the survival rates of those already suffering from obesity related diseases.

It’s logical thus, that to combat the increasing rates of obesity here in developed countries, everyone should understand the simple formulas for weight loss.  But it isn’t about logic, and as long as weight loss is seen as a problem that can be solved by applications of what some might see as simple science, it won’t work.

In today’s world, just about everyone with a weight problem is acutely aware that weight loss comes from a combination of diet and exercise.  It is everywhere- television, books, internet, you name it. Yet over the past 20 years or so, in spite of the increased access to weight loss information, there has been an steadily increasing rate of obesity.

Losing weight shouldn’t be that hard- but it most certainly is!

Cold Facts As An Obstacle To Weight Loss

Aside from the noise created by fad diets, fad exercise trends and weight loss supplements that do little or nothing at all to help people lose weight, and media bombardment from profit driven pharmaceutical as well as fitness related industries that benefit from an overweight population, there are very real barriers to weight loss that are seldom addressed.  A conscientious man or woman who does their homework and asks the right questions of the right people, can learn what is real and what isn’t.  It’s hard, given the background noise, but not impossible and there are some great, proven sources out there.  However, even those armed with the best information possible, in most cases still don’t achieve the weight loss results they are looking for.  The problem stems not always from the cold, hard facts of thermodynamics, but from the very shifting and complex aspects of our emotions.

In Western societies, the way we acquire knowledge, think and solve problems can be broken down into two basic approaches- Apollonian or Dionysian.

The Apollonian approach, named after the Greek god Apollo, who represented, among other things, truth and a sense of order- is one where we employ a very pragmatic and logical thought process.

The Dionysian approach, named after the Greek god Dionysius- the god of wine, ecstasy and intoxification, focuses however on our emotions.  Our feelings and how we relate to the world on a very personal level.

In today’s world, we tend to give more validity to Apollonian ways of solving problems. Science and facts are seen as truth and a superior way of problem solving, relegating more emotional and subjective based methods to a more subordinate role, since feelings can’t be easily quantified as factual information can. But it wasn’t always like this.

Weight Loss Comes From An Understanding Of Our Emotions

From the beginning of our existence as human beings, we have needed to employ both approaches to solving our problems, and neither was considered to be superior to the other.  The logic based Apollonian process, has always been crucial to our survival.  It allows us to function effectively in the world by controlling our environment, creating tools, organizing society and planning for the future.  As important as this forward looking and logical approach may be, it does not answer or address all the conditions we experience as human beings.  An Apollonian thought processes and is meant for interaction with an external reality.  It can’t help us cope with loss, express our love or find meaning in life itself. For these issues, we turned to the Dionysian approach.  Myth, religion, philosophy and tradition, all spring from this way of looking at the world.  Practices that help us find our way in an often overwhelmingly confusing world.

There will, therefore, always be problems unsolved by approaches completely reliant on hard scientific facts, especially those that are of a personal and intimate nature to begin with.  Our global problem of obesity is a prime example.  Seen by many administrators, governing officials and experts in the field, as a problem remedied by the logical application of diet and exercise, this way has obviously failed.  And continues to fail.   If anything, this plan of attack has had the opposite effect, as obesity rates keep climbing over the years.    It isn’t surprising if you consider what we eat and what we do, (diet and exercise), falls squarely into the realm of our emotions- not our analytical thought processes. In twenty years of working with people to help them lose weight, what I learned is that weight loss is all about self control. One of the hardest and most difficult mountains for any of us to climb.  To accomplish this Herculean task, people don’t need facts- they need patience, inspiration, understanding and support.

Weight loss is about intimately changing our lives and leaving behind the person that we once were to become someone new.

Like any new life coming into the world, this rebirth is a delicate and very often painful process where you have to deal with many complex and emotional issues.

The Change Required To Lose Weight Is A Major Emotional Undertaking

As difficult as it sounds, this is still an over-simplification of the challenges each of us face with our own inner demons and obstacles to changing our lives.  When I started as a life coach, I had a good understanding from years of dieting myself that I had the basic skills to help people lose weight and keep it off.  And what’s more I had a god idea of how much more it entailed!

Helping my clients lose weight meant having a nonjudgmental and always listening ear.  It meant being a constant source of support and it meant always doing your best to inspire and helping them go forward one day at a time.  Early on, I thought one diet, with some slight modifications, would fit everyone and boy, was I wrong! I had no inkling that I would spend hours, days and months going back and forth with my clients to create new eating plans that not only would help them lose weight, but also that would fit into their lives.

I learned that food forms a narrative in our lives, establishes order, influences our emotions, creates and sealing bonds and can’t just be changed to fit a one-size-fits-all mold. It calls for small steps, and a deep respect for the way people look at their foods, if there is any hope of helping them change.

Meeting people where they are, walking with them along paths of self discovery has little to do with science, but without objective facts, we wouldn’t have all the tools we need to make weight loss a reality.  One of the consequences of living in a logic dominated environment is the illusion that we, ourselves, are primarily logical beings.  An overweight personal is a choice examples of how paradoxical our behavior can be.  But even closer to home, each of us, at some point in our lives, has left logic far behind when we get involved in questionable relationships.  Leaving us asking ourselves what in the world we were thinking in the first place!  We are indeed emotional beings.  So in the end, we need balanced approaches if we strive to do such difficult tasks like as losing weight and changing our lives.  Apollonian roads have their uses, but what we also need today are sources of inspiration, compassion and understanding.

If you would like to know more about my life coaching for weight loss please contact

Why a pre-surgery healthy diet is important ….

Whether you are having plastic surgery of the eyes, lips, nose or anywhere else, you will want to be prepared for it no matter what. Eating the right foods before plastic surgery can prepare you for your big day of change.

Lifestyle changes before liposuction

Liposuction is not for weight loss and it doesn’t work with loose skin.

You should lose weight naturally to within 10-15 pounds of ideal for you. You should modify all negative lifestyles before surgery so you are ready to keep them up after.

Get used to proper diet and exercise as only those patients who maintain their preop weight or lose weight after liposuction will like their result. If you gain weight after liposuction, you won’t think you got anything out of the procedure.

Types of Foods

What To Eat Before Plastic Surgery

Spinach is one of the best foods to eat before plastic surgery. Remember getting nagged when you were little about eating your spinach? Well, your mother was right to nag you since it is one of the best veggies to eat, especially before plastic surgery. Besides it being rich in Vitamins A, B2, B6, K and Folate, it is also packed with iron which is great before cosmetic surgery since it increases blood volume and helps speed up your recovery time.

Just one serving of beans will help increase your energy levels and keep your sugar normal. This is very important in the days leading up to plastic surgery. It is also a great source of fiber which can help prevent constipation after surgery.

Pineapple is tasty and a favorite among those who are getting ready to have plastic surgery. It contains an enzyme called Bromelain which has been proven to decrease swelling and even prevent it from happening in the first place. Although, it is usually recommended to those who are having problems with arthritis or athletic injuries, it is also used for those who are getting ready to have surgery to prevent or reduce their swelling.

Beets contain great nutritional benefits, not only for people undergoing surgery but for everyone. They are very nutritional and often overlooked. The reason they are essential for those who are getting ready to have plastic surgery is because they contain the amino acid L-Glutamine which can actually help reduce healing time by improving the nitrogens. Some people don’t like them but they do taste good and are great for you too.

Not only do oysters taste good but they are a great food for pre-surgery patients. They are a great source of zinc, which is a natural wound healer. They are also good for helping to improve the immune system and even fighting stress levels.

What To Eat Before Plastic Surgery

All of these foods are great to eat before plastic surgery. It is also good to eat a well balanced diet containing lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to drink enough water like you are supposed to and to reduce your alcohol intake as well, if applicable.

What Vitamins to Take

Any surgical procedure is hard on the body. Major surgery poses many risks. Every person handles surgery differently, and some people come through with flying colors while others suffer with long-term pain from adhesions or slow healing. However, there are many things you can do you to help your body prepare for a major surgery. You can take vitamins and eat super foods to strengthen your body before the surgery.

When to Start

If possible you should start implementing these changes up to a year before your surgery. The ideal situation would be to take these vitamins as just a regular part of your lifestyle. Yet, some people are not able to make the changes in time. If you don’t have a year, then you should at least start taking vitamins three months before your surgery and while you are healing.

How to Take Your Vitamins

You should always take your vitamins with whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. Your body is better able to absorb vitamins when you take them with food. Be sure to drink a large glass of water about 30 minutes before eating your meal. Eat your vitamins before your meal. Prepare a healthy meal three times per day, in addition to eating healthy snacks when you are hungry. If you have a hard time swallowing large pills, you may want to take a liquid vitamin supplement.

Whole Food Multivitamin

Choose a whole food multivitamin and mineral supplement that is well rounded with all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. You need to be sure that you’re getting a good dose of vitamins such as vitamin B12 and vitamin E, and important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Whole food vitamins are easier for the body to utilize because they are made from food. You can find vitamins at your local health food store or online.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one vitamin that you must include in your life before your surgery. Vitamin C will help your body heal much faster. Taking vitamin C also helps prevent you from getting sick, which is something you do not want to experience after a major surgery. For the best results take 2000 mg of vitamin C per day. If you find that you are getting diarrhea, decrease your dose to 500 mg per day, and gradually increase your dosage to give your body time to adjust up until the surgery. If you do experience diarrhea, be sure to drink extra water as well.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a very important vitamin when it comes to healing. Vitamin A protects cells and helps to renew tissue. The safest form of vitamin A is beta carotene, which is found in carrots. This is a form of vitamin A that is not toxic to the body and easily digestible. You can simply eat three to four carrots per day, or take a beta carotene vitamin supplement each day. For best results you need to take 20,000 IU of beta carotene daily for one week before surgery.

Cod liver oil

Cod liver oil is another important nutrient that you need to include in your diet before surgery. The omega-3 fatty acids found in cod liver oil help to reduce inflammation and speed the healing process. In addition, the cod liver oil also help to prevent blood clots. Blood clots are a complication that can arise after or during a surgery. Everyone is at risk for developing blood clots, but some people are more susceptible, such as people with a family history of clots or elderly people. Take 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil every day.


Super foods help give your body additional strength and energy needed to prepare for what is ahead. Two major super foods that you need to include in your diet are chlorella and spirulina. Both of these foods are sea algae that have potent levels of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

You get the best results if you take both types of sea algae because each has unique properties. Spirulina is a better source of protein that is more easily digestible, but chlorella has additional cleansing benefits for the body. Chlorella binds to toxins and flushes them out of the body quickly.

Also be sure to buy chlorella that says the cell wall has been cracked on the bottle. This helps your body to better absorb the nutrients in chlorella. In addition to eating powerful superfoods, include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Be sure to drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure water each day. If you are taking medications or have concerns, talk to your doctor before implementing any of these changes.

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Why Should I Choose Arbonne Nutrition?

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Arbonne nutrition works because it was NOT created to supplement your dietary needs like most products. There is a science behind the development of Arbonne. Scientific research and development resulted in this complete food product for you. Arbonne Nutritional Shakes deliver 100% of the required nutrition that your body is craving in a convenient meal.

You need to understand the “psychology” of a weight loss program in order to successfully complete one.

1) Convenience: if it isn’t easy to follow a program, you won’t do it.
2) Complete: it must be a (1) step process or too many will fall short.
3) Well-Balanced: if the body is missing something, it will CRAVE it.
4) Total Calories: the program must successfully reduce the calories you consume.

Whether you are looking to lose a “stubborn” 10 lbs. or need to make some wholesome changes and lose 30 lbs. or more, the Arbonne Protein shakes will get the job done for you.

Arbonne Nutritional Shakes are the basic building block of nutrition for those wanting to increase muscle mass, strength or endurance, as well as those individuals looking to shed unwanted pounds safely and effectively.

When you purchase your shakes online at our store please email us at we will then send you a free healthy eating guide.

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