Botox vs Facelift : Pros and Cons

When it comes to looking your best, a wealth of options are available. If your primary concern is lines on your face, you may have narrowed down your options to either Botox injections or a facelift. Each option has its pros and cons and depending on your specific situation, one is probably going to be a better fit for you than the other, but its important to know the details before making your decision.



Botox has a number of benefits:

– Compared to a facelift, Botox is inexpensive.
– It is minimally invasive.
– It can prevent wrinkles from forming or treat mild to moderate facial lines.
– Recovery is simple and short.

Like any medical treatment, Botox also has its drawbacks:

– Botox is not permanent. Multiple treatments and maintenance will be required.
– While Botox can erase finer lines, it can only soften deep creases and wrinkles.
– Some side effects are possible, including pain at the injection site.
– While less expensive than a facelift, multiple treatments can add up.


Facelifts have benefits in some situations:

– A facelift can remove deeper wrinkles that cannot be removed with Botox.
– Although some upkeep may be required, a facelift is more permanent than Botox.
– A facelift can remove sagging skin that can’t be helped by Botox.

However, facelifts also have several negatives:

– A facelift is a surgical procedure. Like all surgical procedures, serious risks are involved. Some of the risks connected to facelifts include scarring, bleeding, clotting, infection and poor healing.
– Because a facelift is surgery, it requires anesthesia, which also carries with it a number of risks.
– Facelifts can be quite expensive and are not covered by insurance.
– Facelifts have a significant recovery period, which could be weeks. While you could go back to work after having a Botox procedure, recovering from a facelift will require time off, painkillers and antibiotics. It will also take weeks before the full benefit is seen.


Why a pre-surgery healthy diet is important ….

Whether you are having plastic surgery of the eyes, lips, nose or anywhere else, you will want to be prepared for it no matter what. Eating the right foods before plastic surgery can prepare you for your big day of change.

Lifestyle changes before liposuction

Liposuction is not for weight loss and it doesn’t work with loose skin.

You should lose weight naturally to within 10-15 pounds of ideal for you. You should modify all negative lifestyles before surgery so you are ready to keep them up after.

Get used to proper diet and exercise as only those patients who maintain their preop weight or lose weight after liposuction will like their result. If you gain weight after liposuction, you won’t think you got anything out of the procedure.

Types of Foods

What To Eat Before Plastic Surgery

Spinach is one of the best foods to eat before plastic surgery. Remember getting nagged when you were little about eating your spinach? Well, your mother was right to nag you since it is one of the best veggies to eat, especially before plastic surgery. Besides it being rich in Vitamins A, B2, B6, K and Folate, it is also packed with iron which is great before cosmetic surgery since it increases blood volume and helps speed up your recovery time.

Just one serving of beans will help increase your energy levels and keep your sugar normal. This is very important in the days leading up to plastic surgery. It is also a great source of fiber which can help prevent constipation after surgery.

Pineapple is tasty and a favorite among those who are getting ready to have plastic surgery. It contains an enzyme called Bromelain which has been proven to decrease swelling and even prevent it from happening in the first place. Although, it is usually recommended to those who are having problems with arthritis or athletic injuries, it is also used for those who are getting ready to have surgery to prevent or reduce their swelling.

Beets contain great nutritional benefits, not only for people undergoing surgery but for everyone. They are very nutritional and often overlooked. The reason they are essential for those who are getting ready to have plastic surgery is because they contain the amino acid L-Glutamine which can actually help reduce healing time by improving the nitrogens. Some people don’t like them but they do taste good and are great for you too.

Not only do oysters taste good but they are a great food for pre-surgery patients. They are a great source of zinc, which is a natural wound healer. They are also good for helping to improve the immune system and even fighting stress levels.

What To Eat Before Plastic Surgery

All of these foods are great to eat before plastic surgery. It is also good to eat a well balanced diet containing lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to drink enough water like you are supposed to and to reduce your alcohol intake as well, if applicable.

What Vitamins to Take

Any surgical procedure is hard on the body. Major surgery poses many risks. Every person handles surgery differently, and some people come through with flying colors while others suffer with long-term pain from adhesions or slow healing. However, there are many things you can do you to help your body prepare for a major surgery. You can take vitamins and eat super foods to strengthen your body before the surgery.

When to Start

If possible you should start implementing these changes up to a year before your surgery. The ideal situation would be to take these vitamins as just a regular part of your lifestyle. Yet, some people are not able to make the changes in time. If you don’t have a year, then you should at least start taking vitamins three months before your surgery and while you are healing.

How to Take Your Vitamins

You should always take your vitamins with whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. Your body is better able to absorb vitamins when you take them with food. Be sure to drink a large glass of water about 30 minutes before eating your meal. Eat your vitamins before your meal. Prepare a healthy meal three times per day, in addition to eating healthy snacks when you are hungry. If you have a hard time swallowing large pills, you may want to take a liquid vitamin supplement.

Whole Food Multivitamin

Choose a whole food multivitamin and mineral supplement that is well rounded with all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. You need to be sure that you’re getting a good dose of vitamins such as vitamin B12 and vitamin E, and important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Whole food vitamins are easier for the body to utilize because they are made from food. You can find vitamins at your local health food store or online.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one vitamin that you must include in your life before your surgery. Vitamin C will help your body heal much faster. Taking vitamin C also helps prevent you from getting sick, which is something you do not want to experience after a major surgery. For the best results take 2000 mg of vitamin C per day. If you find that you are getting diarrhea, decrease your dose to 500 mg per day, and gradually increase your dosage to give your body time to adjust up until the surgery. If you do experience diarrhea, be sure to drink extra water as well.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a very important vitamin when it comes to healing. Vitamin A protects cells and helps to renew tissue. The safest form of vitamin A is beta carotene, which is found in carrots. This is a form of vitamin A that is not toxic to the body and easily digestible. You can simply eat three to four carrots per day, or take a beta carotene vitamin supplement each day. For best results you need to take 20,000 IU of beta carotene daily for one week before surgery.

Cod liver oil

Cod liver oil is another important nutrient that you need to include in your diet before surgery. The omega-3 fatty acids found in cod liver oil help to reduce inflammation and speed the healing process. In addition, the cod liver oil also help to prevent blood clots. Blood clots are a complication that can arise after or during a surgery. Everyone is at risk for developing blood clots, but some people are more susceptible, such as people with a family history of clots or elderly people. Take 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil every day.


Super foods help give your body additional strength and energy needed to prepare for what is ahead. Two major super foods that you need to include in your diet are chlorella and spirulina. Both of these foods are sea algae that have potent levels of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

You get the best results if you take both types of sea algae because each has unique properties. Spirulina is a better source of protein that is more easily digestible, but chlorella has additional cleansing benefits for the body. Chlorella binds to toxins and flushes them out of the body quickly.

Also be sure to buy chlorella that says the cell wall has been cracked on the bottle. This helps your body to better absorb the nutrients in chlorella. In addition to eating powerful superfoods, include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Be sure to drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure water each day. If you are taking medications or have concerns, talk to your doctor before implementing any of these changes.

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The summer is fast approaching, all our best intentions of our New Year resolutions were laid to rest by the end of January.  Now “bikini” season is here and for many of us the battle of the bulge has begun!

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Why Should I Choose Arbonne Nutrition?

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You need to understand the “psychology” of a weight loss program in order to successfully complete one.

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