Eliminate puffy eyes and droopy bags forever!

Puffiness and dark bags under your eyes makes you look worn out. Discover some effective treatments for reducing puffy, tired-looking eyes.

Dark, droopy bags under your eyes can make you look dramatically older and exhausted — even if you’re not. Fortunately, there are some effective home remedies and successful medical treatments that can help minimize puffy eyes and dark bags. Here’s how to play down that unpleasant puffiness:

Causes of Puffiness and Dark Bags Under Your Eyes
Most people find that there’s more than one cause for their puffy or tired-looking eyes. Here are some of the most common:

As you get older, the skin and muscles around your eyes begin to weaken, making it easier for the fatty tissue beneath the skin to redistribute and for the skin to sag.

Itchy, swollen eyes are a common allergic reaction.

Fluid retention.
Hormonal shifts, a lack of sleep, or even just eating salty foods can cause you to retain fluid, leading to puffy eyes.

If your parents had puffiness under their eyes, you may be more prone to developing the same condition.

Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes or Dark Shadows
Many home treatments can temporarily minimize puffiness and dark areas under your eyes. Here are a few ideas to try:

Use makeup to create an illusion. Arbonne do an amazing highlighter – give it a go! Use a very small amount of a lighter-colored concealer on the puffy, baggy under-eye area to camouflage the dark shadows and make the puffiness look flatter.
Use cold compresses. A little cold can go a long way toward reducing swelling around your eyes. You can use cold packs or ice packs, cold slices of cucumbers, teaspoons that have been chilled in the freezer, or tea bags that have been soaked in ice water.

Get good rest. Try to get enough sleep (about seven to eight hours), and sleep with your head elevated to keep the fluid from collecting under your eyes.

Keep your allergies in check. Avoid allergy triggers and take antihistamines to help prevent your body from reacting to allergens.
Avoid salty food. Stick with foods that won’t cause puffiness.

Medical Treatments for Worn-Out or Puffy Eyes
A dermatologist or plastic surgeon can provide a more permanent fix to a puffy eye problem. Consult with SecretSurgery if you want to try one of these options:

Dermatological treatments.
Laser treatments and chemical peels can help tighten up the skin and make the dark areas under your eyes look lighter.

Wrinkle fillers.
A plastic surgeon can inject fillers like Restylane and Juvederm right under the under-eye hollow to even out the area. The effect usually lasts for about eight months.

An eyelift.
A doctor can tighten up the under-eye area by melting away the fat with an electric probe, then pulling the skin tight. It’s a surgery that can be done relatively quickly — and provides effects that last for decades.


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