Arbonne FC5


Arbonne’s exclusive fresh science, FC5, sustains the beautiful appearance of skin by providing it with beneficial hydration, necessary cleansing,exfoliation and moisturisation, plus the added benefit of UVA and UVBprotection. Arbonne FC5 products help maintain healthy-looking skin that is comfortable, radiant, smooth and hydrated.

  1. Hydrate. Water is the key ingredient to achieve healthy-looking, radiant skin. FC5 products help supply water to the skin’s surface.
  2. Cleanse. Clean skin is beautiful skin. Exfoliate, refine, energise and balance skin’s appearance while providing it with the perfect foundation for moisture and makeup.
  3. Exfoliate. Reveal younger-looking skin by exfoliating to revitalise skin from stress, fatigue, wind, heat and cold.
  4. Moisturise. FC5 is a daily skin care regime that includes antioxidants and hydration, which is key to skin’s beauty and radiance.
  5. Protect. Shield skin with FC5 SPF products that are formulated to help protect skin from environmental damage and the harmful effects of the sun.

Pucker up

Berry lip colours are back in vogue.  Angelina Jolie and Michelle Williams have been rocking the natural make-up look with bold, statement lips.



Don’t be tempted to overdo colour, however – neutral eyes and cheeks work best with berry lips.  We love Arbonne Lipstick in Scarlet, this long-wearing, feather-resistant lipstick glides on easily for full coverage, and intensely conditions and hydrates lips.

It is worth noting that orange-reds are best for pale and olive skin tones, but most people can wear warm red hues.

Bikini time, are you ready?

You are watching her walk across the pool deck from behind your shades and you say to yourself:

“I can’t believe she doesn’t have a cover up on!” Yes the green eyed monster has risen it’s ugly head as you are sat there sweltering under wraps as you left it too late to get Bikini Fit!

She struts with an air of confidence and not a bit of insecurity.  The amazing part is, she doesn’t have a cover-up or a sarong tied around her hips!  Heads are turning as she strides over to her beach chair; her posture is that of a ballerina as she elegantly reaches for her towel from her beach tote.  She has captivated everyone’s attention without even saying one word.  As she waves to her friends on the other side of the pool, there is not an ounce of jiggle in her arms.  She begins to apply her sun block to her evenly tanned and golden brown body starting with her smooth, sleek and cellulite-free legs.  Her round butt rivals that of top celebrities.  Her flat abs and whittled waist lead up to her youthful buxom bosom.  Her bikini looks as if it were tailor made for her fit hourglass physique, hugging all the right curves.  As she flips her shiny hair, it cascades down her beautiful back and she alluringly smiles, toying with her bikini strings,  revealing her self-assuredness as all the men stare.  She’s the center of everyone’s attention, even yours!

What does she have that separates her from all of the other girls at the pool?  She’s got a Bikini Body!

Don’t leave it too late to get yours!

Yes if you start now you can be bikini fit by summer!  It can be YOU who is the CENTRE OF ATTENTION … yes it’s true in just four months from now you can be the one turning the heads.

What YOU can do to help yourself!

Now is the time to ban the booze until you hit the beach.  Alcohol causes you to look puffy and contains lots of extra calories that you definitely do not need.

We normally underestimate how much we eat by 25 per cent (National Obesity forum). With this in mind you can immediately see the importance of portion control.

Your entire meal should fit into your cupped hands. If it overflows, you’re eating too much.  So stop overloading your plate.  If this is a problem for you, think about investing in some smaller plates and bowls.

Avoid the biscuit tin and all processed sweet products. Fruit and vegetables are the champions of the hour. Not only will these provide you with lots of lovely nutrients and vitamins at a low-calorie cost, but they will also add a glow to your skin and a spring to your step.

Water, water, water, it’s time to get drinking and at a very minimum, you need two litres a day and absolutely no fizzy drinks. Dehydration causes water retention. This is the last thing you need. If you can steer clear of coffee and tea too, all the better. If you feel you need a hot drink why not give herbal tea a go? Green tea is hailed as one of the reasons Japanese women stay slim and youthful.

What Secret Surgery can do to help you …

Having trouble with your diet?  Have a few extra pounds to shift and can’t seem to get a grip on your eating habits?  Don’t worry we have the perfect solution for you.

What Weight Loss Surgery Options are available?

There are a number of types of gastric weight loss surgery available including a gastric band, a gastric bypass, a gastric wrap and a gastric balloon. All these provide a means of weight loss for those who are obese and for whom all other means of losing weight have been tried and have failed.

The Gastric Band

Having a gastric band fitted is one of the most popular means of weight loss surgery and can be carried out by keyhole surgery allowing a quicker recovery time afterwards. The procedure involves having a silicone plastic ring fitted round the top part of the stomach to give a pouch in the stomach which is about the size of a golf ball. This aims to result in a restriction of the amount of food that can be eaten by the patient. The bulk of the stomach is below the band and the food from the upper pouch slowly passes into it helping the patient to feel full up for longer.

It is a procedure that is reversible if needed and as the band is inflatable it can be adjusted to ensure that a sensible weight loss of one or two pounds a week is achieved. This surgery is suitable for those with a body mass index of thirty or above and can help improve or completely cure other forms of illness such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnoea, fatty liver disease and asthma attacks. It is normal prior to undergoing surgery to have a consultation to access if it is the correct procedure to have done and to discuss if a pre-gastric band diet is required.

The Gastric Wrap

Having a gastric wrap is much less complicated than any other weight loss surgery. It is a fairly new treatment but statistics show that a greater loss of weight can be obtained with this procedure rather than having a gastric band fitted and shows that the patient experiences less problems in the long term.

A gastric wrap can be carried out using keyhole surgery and involves folding the stomach in on itself and then the edges are stitched to turn the stomach into a narrow tube therefore restricting the amount of food that can be consumed.

It is ideal for people who want to lose a large amount of weight quite quickly and keep it off permanently and so are willing work with the wrap to obtain the best results. It is a good alternative for anyone who has had a gastric band fitted which has failed. This procedure does not require any cutting and removing of part of the stomach and most importantly is reversible if needed. However it is still a serious procedure to undergo and should therefore only be offered to those who have not had any success in losing weight any other way. This type of procedure should not be used as an easy solution for dealing with overweight and obesity. Unlike the gastric band, a gastric wrap does not involve having any medical device in your body to go wrong. It removes the chance of any problems occurring due to slipping or eroding which can happen in other types of restrictive surgery.

The Gastric Bypass

Having a gastric bypass includes reducing the size of the stomach so that amount of food that can be eaten is reduced as well as re-routing the intestines so that less calories and nutrients are absorbed from the food. As this is major surgery it can result in a dramatic weight loss and cannot be reversed.

This procedure is also performed under general anaesthetic and can take up to three hours. Using either keyhole or open surgery, the stomach is divided using surgical staples creating a smaller stomach. The small intestine is then attached to this smaller stomach, shortening the digestive system. This not only makes the patient feel fuller quicker, but reduces the amount of calories absorbed through digestion due to the reduced area of lower intestine that the ingested food comes in to contact with. The drastic and rapid results may result in patients experiencing excess skin or sagging after this procedure.

The Gastric Balloon

A non invasive and more temporary procedure is to have a gastric balloon fitted. It is usually fitted for around six to twelve months and during that time the patient can lose on average between two and three stones. It is used to kick start weight loss and a change in lifestyle to enable the patient to continue with the weight loss regime when the balloon is removed.

The gastric balloon works in the same way as the gastric band and bypass, by making the size of the stomach smaller and therefore reducing the amount of food that can be eaten. The balloon is a soft sack which is filled with saline once it has been inserted into the stomach. As having a gastric balloon fitted is non surgical, it carries less risk than the other weight loss options and is generally cheaper to carry out. It also means that the amount of recovery time needed afterwards is much less.

Secret Surgery holds the key to your success … 

Our Weight Loss Surgery patients have great success at a fraction of the cost of surgery in the UK.  We are the market leaders in Cosmetic Surgery in Europe and will ensure that you receive the best treatment available.  For a quotation on your WLS requirements please contact

Okay I’ve lost the weight now what?

At SecretSurgery we have solutions for all your hang ups, be it the size of your breasts to the sagging of your thighs, we can fix it!


Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

A Tummy Tuck, technically referred to as abdominoplasty, is a procedure that will remove excess fat and skin from around the waist and removes excess skin to leave a flatter, lower body profile and younger-looking abdomen. It can also remove or reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your lower abdomen. The operation can remove folds of skin left behind after losing a lot of weight, and tighten stretched skin and muscles after pregnancy.

Vaser Liposuction – Precise Body Sculpting Treatment

VASER Lipo uses a process called LipoSelection® to target specific areas of fat throughout the body. It’s powerful enough to target large areas of fat, yet gentle enough to also treat delicate areas of the body, such as the neck and arms.

Typical liposuction aggressively removes fat, which can damage surrounding tissues and impose a longer recovery period. VASER Lipo is tissue-selective, meaning it can specifically target fat, while protecting nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues from damage. As a result, patients experience minimal pain and bruising and a quick return to normal activities.

VASER Lipo can be performed while patients are awake in an office-based setting or under general anesthesia in a surgical center.

Breast Augmentation (Implants, Enlargement)

Breast enlargement is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures.  Feeling good about your breasts can have a big impact on your confidence. We can advise you on the enhanced size of your breasts to suit your individual body shape.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift (Buttock Lift) is a procedure that uses liposuction to harvest fat from your arms, legs or abdomen. Often the liposuction is used to sculpt the hips flanks and thighs around the buttocks, giving them more definition. This is an additional benefit to the Brazilian butt lift; not only do you get a more shapely butt, but this will also accentuate your new curves.


Move your body and get active. Get down to the gym, on that bike, throw your stuff around the aerobic studio, jump, skip, swim…whatever it takes.  Ban yourself from lifts, get off the bus early. I know you have heard it all before but now is the time to do it.

Incorporate some resistance training. The benefits will definitely show in time for that bikini moment.  Lunges and squats are great for getting your bum into shape while dips and press-ups will tone flabby arms.  Aim for two sets of 12 – 20 reps at least three times each week.


With only one week till bikini showdown I shall now share a key secret weapon: posture. By addressing you posture, within minutes you’ve apparently shifted half a stone in weight.

As many of us are daily desk warriors we have a tendency to slump our shoulders and curve our backs. For an amazingly fast improvement in how you look and feel practice sitting and standing with your shoulder blades pulled back and down. This will lengthen your neck and make your whole upper body appear narrower. Concentrate too on activating your core muscles. Stand up tall and pull your tummy button in towards your spine. A slimmer more elegant you in approximately one minute, it’s easy when you know how!

Carb Free Meals!

I am not an advocate of the Atkins diet as I like being able to talk to people without killer dog breath. However, at this stage in proceedings, cut down on the carbs after 5pm.  This again will help combat any bloating.  Better still if you can eat your evening meal before 7pm.

Fake not Bake …

Pale may be interesting but sadly we don’t all have Liv Tyler’s physique.  To boost the now trimmer you, invest in a good fake tan.  If you’ve got some cash to spend then a ‘Fantasy Tan’, where your tan is literally airbrushed onto your body, is fantastic. And no, it’s not cheating.

Salon Waxing

Being hair-free is almost as important as your passport. Shiny, hairless legs look longer and leaner so don’t deny yourself this advantage. It’s up to you how far you want to go during your visit to the salon but for ultimate bikini beauty and confidence I recommend removal of as much body hair as possible.

I think it is important to add a special note that I do not recommend home waxing unless you are a professional or crazy. A friend of mine once had a nasty incident with a home waxing kit. I will spare you the details, suffice to say she was in shorts for the duration of her holiday and was walking like John Wayne!

Finishing Touch ….

You’ve worked hard, you look fabulous. Take some time to administer loving care to your feet and hands. Head back to the salon for  your pedicure and manicure to top your new body off ….

Hollywood toes look fantastic when you pick the glittery bright shades with an amazing dark tan … or go for the classic french manicure.

Now off you go. Have fun, be good, and for an instant pre-night out body boost, 10 squats, 10 press-ups and 20 sit-ups should keep you looking good till sunrise.

Skin Care Basics for all Skin Types

Arbonne’s exclusive fresh science, FC5, sustains the beautiful appearance of skin by providing it with beneficial hydration, necessary cleansing,exfoliation and moisturisation, plus the added benefit of UVA and UVBprotection. Arbonne FC5 products help maintain healthy-looking skin that is comfortable, radiant, smooth and hydrated.

  1. Hydrate. Water is the key ingredient to achieve healthy-looking, radiant skin. FC5 products help supply water to the skin’s surface.
  2. Cleanse. Clean skin is beautiful skin. Exfoliate, refine, energise and balance skin’s appearance while providing it with the perfect foundation for moisture and makeup.
  3. Exfoliate. Reveal younger-looking skin by exfoliating to revitalise skin from stress, fatigue, wind, heat and cold.
  4. Moisturise. FC5 is a daily skin care regime that includes antioxidants and hydration, which is key to skin’s beauty and radiance.
  5. Protect. Shield skin with FC5 SPF products that are formulated to help protect skin from environmental damage and the harmful effects of the sun.

Maintaining skin’s beauty and well-being requires not only targeted products, but also a comprehensive line. FC5 offers distinct formulas to help skin’s natural moisture and hydration, and specifically target various skin types, from normal/dry to oily/combination.

Normal/Dry Skin

The most delicate of all skin types. Delivering proper hydration to skin is especially important to this skin type. FC5’s premium, ultra- moisturising skin care line for face and body replenishes hydration, soothes and restores the supple feeling of skin.

Skin type characteristics:

  1. Smooth skin
  2. Fine pores
  3. Rough, flaky patches of dryness
  4. Skin lacking essential oils
  5. Dull-looking skin

 Oily/Combination Skin

The most common type of skin. This skin type is often the most balanced in its production of oil, with oiliness in the T-zone and some dryness at the perimeter of the face. Hydrate skin with FC5’s premium skin care line.

 Skin type characteristics:

  1. Shiny finish
  2. Enlarged pores
  3. Oily T-zone (forehead,
    nose and chin)
  4. Occasional rough, flaky patches
  5. Normal to dry skin around cheeks and neck




Arbonne is the exclusive provider of this fresh science, groundbreaking technology that allows us to extract fresh cells, while keeping them intact and locking in nutrients. Each cell retains its original wealth of essential nutrients. The cells remain encapsulated until they are applied to the skin … where they release precious nutrients. Together with the formulas, they help revitalisehydrate and protect the skin.

Encapsulated cell phytonutrients are more potent and efficacious. They work in harmony with our exclusive proprietary blends to promote radiant, younger-looking skin.

Kiwi — Extraordinary source of antioxidants.
Strawberry — Known for its purifying and toning properties.
Carrot — Soothes; ripe with ß-carotene.
Mango — Nurturing, hydrating fruit.
Pumpkin — Moisturising properties and bursting with ß-carotene.

A unique blend of botanicals including St. John’s wort and extracts of cucumber, birch leaf, watercress and clover blossom. Together with our other ingredients, this complex helps to softencoolsoothe and condition dry skin.

A concentrated combination of botanicals including mallow, melissa, watercress and ivy. Together with our other ingredients, this soothing blend helps to harmonise the appearance of oily skin.

To order any of the products shown above please visit AfreshMeArbonne

Parabens – “Are they the silent killers of 21st century?”

When you look on the label of so many personal, beauty and skin care products and you will see a particular ingredient listed.  

It’s called Parabens.  

In recent years there is now a big movement into finding Paraben free skin care products and Paraben free cosmetics and personal/beauty products.

What is a Paraben?

Parabens are a class of chemicals used as preservatives. There are many individual Parabens and different ones are used for somewhat different purposes, but primarily as preservatives.  They are efficient as bacteriological agents and as fungicidal agents. As preservatives they work against bacteria and fungi.

Parabens are found in a wide range of different personal care products like shampoos, shaving gels, cosmetics, skin care products, toothpastes, pharmaceuticals and much more. Have a look at the label of some of the personal products you’re using now and see if you can see the word Parabens listed.

Why do people search for Paraben Free products?

Because Parabens are considered by many to be a dangerous chemical, and any product that uses Parabens as a preservative should be avoided.  The big skin care, cosmetics, personal and beauty companies tell us that Parabens are quite safe, and that they have been used for years.

There are many who are starting to dispute this and believe that Parabens are actually harmful.  Studies have suggested that Parabens can indeed be toxic to some people.  But always the problem with studies is establishing when something is proven.  For example, Parabens have been found  in the breast tissue of breast cancer patients. It doesn’t prove that Parabens cause breast cancer, but it’s causing enough concern for people to look for alternative Parabens  free products!

Other studies have suggested that Parabens cause allergic skin reactions, interfere with the body’s endocrine system and may cause skin rashes, along with possible weak hormonal effect on the body.

Parabens in direct contact with our skin are readily absorbed into our blood stream, and can be detected in our blood shortly after use when tested. This is a little scary but again is not definitive proof that they are dangerous to our health. But it’s something to think about.

The problem is that Parabens  are cheap, and so the big companies are addicted to their use because of this. It comes down to profit.  There are excellent natural preservatives available, which could replace Parabens, but at a higher cost.

So now you can see why so many people are now searching for Paraben free skin care products!  They are not certain that the Parabens are dangerous, but would prefer not to find out.

There are excellent Paraben free skin care products and Paraben free cosmetics available.  These products work as well, and most of the time usually better, than their mainstream counterparts that cling onto the use of Parabens.

Until there is a large-scale study to define the safety / use of Parabens in our cosmetics and skin care products the question will remain unanswered.

Our customers have all chosen not to take the risk, and are already enjoying the benefits of living Paraben free using our products.

By all means research some more yourself.  It is unlikely that you come up with a definitive answer, it comes down to personal preference.

We invite you to ask yourself just one important question ….

“Are you comfortable using a product that includes an ingredient with a question mark over it’s safety, or would you prefer to use a safer alternative?”

We know what we prefer.

Check out our full range at Afresh Me Arbonne






Cosmetic Surgery Abroad – Read before you make a decision!

Secret Surgery

The First Choice for Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Welcome to Secret Surgery, where you will find high quality cosmetic surgery abroad. If you are looking for cosmetic surgery abroad, rest assured, we can cater for your specific requirements.

Browse our services online at your leisure Secret Surgery

Why Choose Secret Surgery?

Here at Secret Surgery, we understand that our customers are looking for plastic surgery abroad from a company that you can trust. We are passionate about customer service and strive to support our customers through every stage of the process.

Not only do we offer you excellent prices for plastic or cosmetic surgery (almost a third to a fifth of what you would pay in your home country), but immediate appointments at modern clinics staffed by well trained staff. Your assigned personal assistant will not only meet you (and any other guests) at the airport but will accompany you for all your appointments and also can help you plan your free time. A full itinerary will be agreed before your arrival and we can organise everything you require.

If you would like additional information regarding plastic surgery abroad, please do not hesitate to get in touch. When it comes to plastic surgery abroad, our talented team have a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote on (0)7742 911 117 . Alternatively drop us an email to

Looking for Plastic Surgery Abroad?  Talk to Secret Surgery

If you want to avoid long waiting lists and sky high fees, we can provide you with state of the art facilities and a stress free service.

Why have Cosmetic Surgery Abroad?

One of the questions which gets raised a lot when considering the topic of surgery-tourism is that of why. Why do people fly half-way around the world in order to undergo stressful surgeries which are readily available here in the U.K?

On the surface it does seem like a no-brainer; undergo surgery close to your home in an environment which you are familiar with and recover with friends and family around you or fly out to a foreign country where you may not speak the language in order to undergo a surgical procedure in a medical system which you will most likely not be familiar with.

When you look at it like that, it does seem rather strange that so many people, and more every year according to statistics, choose to go abroad to get nipped and tucked and sucked. However, there are viable reasons why cosmetic surgery abroad can be a good option and, in order to allay your fears, or perhaps give you some ammo when you’re convincing your friends or your partner that it’s a good idea, we thought it would be good to run down some of these ideas now.

Let’s start off with the most obvious reason; money. Surgery abroad can be up to, or oftentimes more than, 50% cheaper than it would be in the U.K. Or so it seems on the surface; once you factor in the cost of flights and accommodation, you might not be saving as much money as you think. One way around this is to look at the package deals which many companies now offer.

The incentive of spending less money, particularly in these bleak economic times, is what motivates most people to seek out surgery abroad. The savings can be biggest in the emerging markets such as India and this is tempting people to travel further and further afield for surgery whereas previously these same people might have stayed in the boundaries of Europe or North America.  The notion that you can change your body, change your life and change who you are for vastly reduced amounts of money is something which is clearly very tempting but, remember, if an offer seems too good to be true or you simply don’t feel right about it, stay clear. It’s better to save your health than to save money.

Another reason why so many people are now opting for cosmetic surgery abroad is the chance to combine their surgery with once-in-a-lifetime travel. Many of us now work long hours and get very few holidays; those breaks we do get seem to be full of trying to catch-up on the things we haven’t had time to do whilst trying to earn a living and thus, having a holiday gets pushed further and further down the list of things we want to do.

Clearly, having a major surgery means that you will have to book time off work and thus, trying to utilise this rare spare time as much as possible, some people think that surgery abroad will allow them to have a holiday as well as have their surgery; they will come back to work relaxed, rejuvenated and completely renewed and will be able to jump back into their regular routine. This is all well and good and one can certainly see the appeal, but there are important considerations. The first, and really sorry to be the party-pooper on this one, is that this isn’t a holiday, it’s a hospital visit.

Don’t choose a location based on the weather and, if possible, don’t choose a place which you think you would enjoy exploring. Unless you can afford to stay in your country of choice for several weeks after surgery, you probably aren’t going to feel like donning a rucksack and camera in order to go wandering around like a regular tourist. You would be better off choosing a country which you feel comfortable in and in which you have at least a basic grasp of the language.

The opportunity to go to a beautiful, exotic resort is certainly enticing, but you should really be considering the quality of care you would receive and the reputation of the clinic rather than how many minutes walk it is from the hotel from the beach. British, plastic surgeons have reported a vast increase in the number of corrective surgeries they are having the perform fixing botched operations which were done on the cheap abroad. This is a lesson to us all, if we try to save too much money and go for the cheapest option then we will only end up paying more, both physically and financially, further down the line.

Those who choose surgery-tourism as a way to see more of the world are probably not entering into the process for the right reasons. That being said, as long as you’re sensible, nice weather and beautiful surroundings really can’t hurt your recovery can they?

Ultimately, it is normally the financial concerns, which lead people to look overseas for surgeries.  Some people believe that the extra stress and worry, the turning away from a plethora of surgical expertise in the U.K and the leaving behind of friends and family during the recuperation process, is worth it if they can save money. Perhaps one of the important things to note is that some people have cosmetic surgery abroad because they don’t fully understand the costs; the price looks cheap on paper but what about plane tickets, or accommodation or simply keeping yourself whilst you are in your foreign destination of choice?

Saving money is certainly a valuable thing to do, and as long as you choose a reputable and safe hospital, you could be quids in!

At Secret Surgery you can be assured our prices include everything from flights, transfers, accommodation and surgery – so you can be guaranteed no surprises on the day!