Tempted to try the latest Magic Slimming Pills?


Summer is just around the corner. You know what that means, right?

It means every gym is super packed, every diet book is flying off the shelves, and every supplement company is trying to push their latest “fat loss pill.”


Because with bathing suit season around the corner, many people are trying to lose weight.

I absolutely love seeing people make the decision to make a positive change in their weight and their health, and I love seeing people adopt a new healthy eating and exercise plan.

What I DON’T love, though, are the diet pill companies that promote their “magic” potions and pills as the easiest and best way to lose weight and keep it off. It upsets me that many of these companies take advantage of people who want to make a positive change in their lives by selling them products that may not work or (even worse) do more harm than good by damaging their metabolism.

I am going to make a bold statement here and say that if a “diet” program requires you to purchase their pills and shakes to make the diet work, you should be very, very cautious (and probably look for a different program).

I can tell you with 100% certainty that all you need in order to successfully lose weight and keep it off is wholesome, natural food…and that’s it! Oh, and water, of course. But magic pills or shakes are absolutely not necessary to drop the excess fat off your body and keep it off for good.

That is why I teach my clients and my readers exactly how to use REAL, delicious, and wholesome foods in order to boost metabolism, feel energized, and lose tons of fat at the same time.

Yes we also tell you about weight loss surgery as a tool to assist the morbidly obese … but it’s a TOOL not MAGIC WAND … you still need to eat right for it to work.


Successful Weight Loss Requires Attitude Change


Do you find your attitude during your weight loss to a bit of a roller coaster?

Are you good when you’re eating healthy and working out, but bad when you’ve slipped, binged or neglected your health?

We’ve all been there. Losing weight is a challenge and requires a long term commitment and a lot of patience.In order to be successful, you need to change your attitude for weight loss.

Focus on the positive.

You are the only one in charge of your thoughts and attitude. The constant negative thoughts and words start to become a habit. Pay attention to what you think and say to yourself or about yourself.

Every time you have a negative thought or attitude, stop and remind yourself that all big things take time.

Remind yourself how far you’ve come and focus on the ultimate goal. Most important – stop beating yourself up.

Remember this is not a quick fix.

This is a life-long commitment. A marriage between you and your health. So unless you’re ready to divorce the health and weight loss effort altogether, learn to love who you two are together.

As with any marriage, there will be days that are great, and days that you want to run away to Rio.

Learn to embrace this relationship, even though it’s not perfect.

Work out issues as you go along, and forgive the occasional cheat.

Reward yourself.

We often seem to be berating ourself for bad behavior, but quite often forget to reward ourselves for the small “wins” that happen with weight loss. I’m not talking just the numbers on the scale, but the efforts and actions that go into each day of your new healthy lifestyle.

Did your day consist of eating healthy and a 3 mile walk? Acknowledge that with yourself and with others.

Flying solo is lonely.

Find others that will help lift you up and keep you positive. By joining our weight loss group, our members enjoy access to a private Members Facebook page. This private page is an amazing support system for our members. I love seeing the way people post about their “sucesses” and how supportive all the other members are with their comments on that post.  We should do that everyday.

Be proud of your accomplishments with more positive self-talk. This will lead to behaviors that reflect those actions. Over time, you will begin to notice that you want to repeat those behaviors in order to get that good feeling.

You are the guide to your thoughts and behaviors.

Take responsibility not only for your physical actions of eating healthy and exercising, but the mental actions of having positive thoughts and attitude.

Not only will you become a happier person, you will find it easier it to lose weight and keep it off.

Aren’t you worth it?

Need help with Emotional Eating?

Many people who turn to Weight Loss Surgery, have at some point, encountered emotional eating.  This is where times of stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety and other factors that we’ll go in to cause the sufferer to over eat.

We can divide the Situations and emotions that trigger us to eat into five main categories.

Social. Eating when around other people. For example, excessive eating can result from being encouraged by others to eat; eating to fit in; arguing; or feelings of inadequacy around other people.

Emotional. Eating in response to boredom, stress, fatigue, tension, depression, anger, anxiety, or loneliness as a way to “fill the void.”

Situational. Eating because the opportunity is there. For example, at a restaurant, seeing an advertisement for a particular food, passing by a bakery.

Eating may also be associated with certain activities such as watching TV, going to the movies or a sporting event, etc.

Thoughts. Eating as a result of negative self-worth or making excuses for eating. For example, scolding oneself for looks or a lack of will power.

Physiological. Eating in response to physical cues. For example, increased hunger due to skipping meals or eating to cure headaches or other pain.

To identify what triggers excessive eating in you, keep a food diary that records what and when you eat as well as what stressors, thoughts, or emotions you identify as you eat. You should begin to identify patterns to your excessive eating fairly quickly.

Now, here is a thing.  Overeating, and indeed emotional eating may not be your fault! Why?  Here’s why…

When you are stressed, your body secretes a hormone called cortisol.  As well as encouraging weight gain around the mid section.  It causes imbalances the makes the sufferer crave sugary, salty foods and usually carbohydrates

Also, if you are overly fatigued, becasue sugar gives you that instant fix, its easy to get dependent, however, sugar causes the insulin spike that causes fat to be stored and on an energy level, once the sugar hit wears off, you’ll crash, feeling worse than ever.

Finally whats happening with your leptin gauge?  Leptin is the Fat burning hormone that tells your brain when you are full.  If you are over eating the wrong things, eventually, you could get leptin resistant.  This hormonal imbalance can mean that your brain, never really knows when you are full, so you keep eating…see, told you it wasn’t your fault!

How to Stop Emotional Eating

Identifying when you overeat is half the battle, next you can do alternative activities to distract yourself, things like:

– Writing down how your feeling when you eat
– Exercising
– Taking a Walk
– Drink a Pint of Water
– Sleep
– Relax
– But nothing changes until you rebalance those hormones.  Doing things like
– Stopping sugar
– Spreading your meals out through the day
– Not Snacking
– Not Eating Before bed
– Getting some good physical activity in
– Balancing your Macronutrients (Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats)

Get this done and you’ll never need to diet again.

Remember your dedicated Patient Care Manager is also there to support you throughout your journey.  

Contact me directly at Sara@SecretSurgery.co.uk

For more information on our weight loss surgery options please visit Secret Surgery Ltd

Happy 3rd birthday to my pouch!


Three years ago today I weighed 21st, my health was failing fast, I was struggling to fit behind the wheel
in my work car and I was depressively eating myself to death.  My family life suffered, I was a recluse, avoiding outings and family events.  I was embarrassed about my size and thought the world was laughing at me.

My depressive eating increased with my youngests childs failing health and I was spiralling out of control.  Strangely it took my late father’s final stroke and a comment from a little old lady with dementia (“look at the size of that woman”) to give me the short sharp slap I needed to get a grip. 

I was given a second chance at life by Mr Lee at The Spires in Whalley Range three years ago today when he performed my life saving Gastric Bypass.   Yes I maxed out every piece of credit I had available but I’d have paid 10 fold if I had of known how fantastic I would feel today.

The past three years have not been the easy ride that 90% of the public think weight loss surgery to be.  I was lucky enough to meet Angela Chouiab whilst I was recuperating who proved to be a total rock having just had the same surgery herself.   Without her knowledge and guidance my journey would have been along a much rockier road!

I have had to learn to deal with all the emotional turmoil that used to result in my binging.  That is the one thing that is missing from most Weight Loss programmes – they dont deal with the cause of the need to comfort eat. 

“You can’t live life burying the problem you need to eradicate the problem at the root for long term success”.

With the realisation I was alone to deal with my emotional imbalance I found comfort in studying and retrained to become a NLP Life Coach.  

Now today I’m 9 stone last lighter, 8 dress sizes smaller and full of life!  I have so much more energy, my health has improved, I no longer need a trailer to bring home my monthly medication.   Most importantly I love getting out and about with my children, when I’m not working we are never indoors we’ve had a U-turn from the couch-potatoes of 3yrs ago!

My confidence levels have rocketed with every dress size I’ve dropped, and working with Secret Surgery Ltd as a Patient Care Manager enables me to share my journey and help others, providing that much needed emotional support you need from someone who’s walked a mile in your shoes.


Metabolic Magic …. start shedding those lbs fast!

Calories count, of course, but activity in the form of regular exercise is key to improving how your body uses and stores what you eat.

Introduce exercise into your day. Our research indicates that moderate exercise thirty minutes a day, along with mild weight loss aver-aging ten pounds, changes one’s metabolism. It also reduced the development of diabetes by as much as fifty-eight percent. This is surprising.

Take a brisk half-hour walk and watch your metabolism wake up. Sit on a park bench and do leg raises. Throw in a few toe touches (or almost-touches) and waist bends. Do it several times a week and the impact on your metabolism will be profound.

Sustain your level of activity over time.

Use exercise to burn off fat. Exercise triggers the body’s muscles to use up calories rather than store them as fat. Maintaining muscle mass also consumes more energy for the body. In the end, exercise is the key to maintaining weight loss

Other Factors that Can Slow You Down

How your body works is affected by more than doughnuts and sit-ups. For instance, metabolism speeds up, then slows down as we age.

Take nursing mothers, for example. Breastfeeding increases their metabolism and they must eat more to keep producing enough milk for their babies.

On the other hand, a woman’s engine slows down during menopause because of the huge drop in hormone production. This can lead to weight gain because testosterone helps metabolize fat. So eating what used to be normal amounts actually piles on the pounds.

By old age, many people slim down again and subsist on smaller amounts of food.